>From my bookshelf:

>Dean Koontz is back!  I just finished reading his new novel, “What the Night Knows.”  This is much closer to his older style of writing than I have seen from him in a while.  This book will keep you thinking.  The character vivid and although there are quite a few, it was easy to keep up.  Kootnz’s writing is still thrilling. 

I have just read “The Radley’s ” by Matt Haig.  This novel is just another vampire story.  It is just ok but if you are wanting a great read, pass.  The Radley’s deals with how it is to live with the “disease.”  It is more or less a rehash of all the vampire books to go before it, the sun, the cross, the blood, “yadda, yadda, yadda. vampire emergency, yadda” (thanks Pam from True Blood for that line) ….    Throw in a wan love triangle and there you have it.  Nothing special.

I am trying to read all the Repairman Jack novels by F. Paul Wilson in between all the others.  Thanks Roszelle for getting me hooked.