>Review: Gideon’s Sword by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

>This Douglas/Preston book , published by Grand Central Publishing, introduces readers to a new character, Gideon Crew.  This novel has been introduced as a new series for Preston/Child.  I being a fan of Pendergast in previous books, was hesitant to except the fact that I have to make due with a substitute. I was quick to realize that Crew is nothing like Pendergast.  He is a solid and interesting character.

Don’t expect the fine tuning of the plot and characters as in their previous novels.   The story lacks the polish that the authors usually put into a story.  Crew is a strong character can support a series and the story is a good read on a rainy day but I am waiting for the next in the series to decide whether I will devote my time to this new series. Not the weakest of their novels but it does need some tweeking.