>Review: The Hunger Games (Trilogy) by Suzanne Collins

>Survival, it is the name of the game.  Imagine fighting for your survival as well as your family’s in a winner take all game of death, now, imagine you are a child.  forcing them all to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV.  

North America, has fallen and is now divided into twelve districts. The Capital keeps all districts iin line by

This is a fast paced, edge of your seat, read.  I have not got enough good things to say about this novels, other than I cannot wait to read the third installment of the series.   Although, being classified as a young adult book, I would suggest parents take caution.  This is a no holds barred lesson in cold ruthlessness. 

This book made me evaluated the craving that people have for mindless television and violence.  It begs the questions, how far will we go for entertainment and how far will the government to to maintain control over the masses.  I love reality TV, but I do think societal media has taken personal pain, embarrassment and death way to far when we are so desensitized by it all that it becomes a craving for the next shocking reality show that has to go even further to secure ratings.  I drift…..

I could not put this book down and was saddened by the fact that I did not have the next book to jump right into.  It is a compelling read and very time appropriate.  Because of the brutality in the storyline, I do not suggest it for younger children.  Don’t miss these gems….The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Collins.  I am impatiently waiting the final book…..MockingJay. 

04/03/11: Just finshed the complete series.  Don’t miss this triology!!!!  Awesome!