The Legends of Country Music Show

A better time was never had than last night at the Pritchard Community Center.

A lineup of country music stars took the stage and gave Elizabethtown a taste of country music history.  The performers at the “sold out” LEGENDS OF COUNTRY MUSIC SHOW were….

Johnie Pierce, Kaiser Bill, Joseph Williams as Conway Twitty, Christy Miller as Reba, Rebekah Lynn as Dolly, Ray Glenn as Kenny Rogers, Jim Cardwell as Marty Robbins, and Betsy Perkins as Patsy Cline.  All were in fine form and voice.

The entertainment was relaxed and the crowd enjoyed interacting with the singers and families enjoyed a night out together.  The artists were only out-shined by the rhinestones on the clothing.  From Patsy Cline, to one of today’s favorites, Trace Adkins, people were treated to the sounds of songs like “Crazy” to “Swing Batter Batter.”  If you have missed this sold out show, there will be many other opportunities to see this wonderful family friendly show. Contact the Perkin’s Brothers at  Shows sell out quickly.

…..and last but not least, the Perkins Brothers….

…..and the show goes on……


How to Date a Werewolf by Rose Pressey

I love reading a book that has me laughing and yet keeps me in suspense.  I got that and more in Rose Pressey’s new story.  Rose’s prose are fresh with humor, and yet a seriousness in her words, that she uses to bond us with her characters.  It make me think of Charlaine Harris’  Sookie Stackhouse novels meet Christopher Moore’s novels.

When I read Pressey’s first novel, “Me and My Ghoulfriends,” I actually thought, “this is going to be strange” and it was!  Such a good strange.  I was hooked and I have awaited, not so patiently, for this new novel from the author.  I have not been let down and I now have to wait for the next books in the series, “How to Date a Vampire” and “How to Date a Demon.”

I met Rose Pressey when I asked her to speak at the Written Word Writers’ Group which I coordinated.  I found her to have a great open personality as well as being a down to earth writer that cares about her readers and other writers.  Her book is as just as amazing as the writer.

The heroine of “How to Date a Werewolf ” is a werewolf and has a problem with hairy hands and keeping a boyfriend.  As the owner of Got a Mate Dating Service, Rylie helps lonely lycanthropic find their own soulmate but Rylie’s luck in this area has been less than grand.  Rylies is sure that a family curse is the whole problem but what is she going to do about the “drool-worthy” Jack Chandler that has just breezed into her life.  Maybe this time the curse won’t work, maybe.

A not so satisfied customer want revenge for a “match” gone bad.  Strange notes start to appear and things are starting to get really scary when the after-dark crowd gets involved.  Will Jack just think she is some kind of crazy or will he be the answer to her prayers? Will Rylie finally lift the curse and find a soulmate or with this curse be the end of her.

Now the best part…..don’t rush out to buy the book. (It’s ok Rose don’t panic.)  Surf right over to Smashwords or Amazon and download the eBook for only $1.99!!!  Now is that a bargain?  This may be one of the best deals you will get this year, with the cost of gas.  Just don’t read too fast or you will be sitting and waiting like me for the next story….hurry Rose, your fans await.

Rose Pressey - author

The Cypress House by Michael Koryta

The Cypress House is not a novel for everyone.  Some people may find the characters  are just not very likable.   The story was very predictable.  I honestly found it hard to finish, skipping pages here and there to get to the end.

There were some good concepts (not to give away the plot) but Arlen’s ability to see death on people’s faces allows him some blackmail opportunity.  The stereo-typical “bad guys” were also a turn off.  The romantic triangle between Arlen, Rebecca and Paul was lukewarm and unbelievable.  The story is slow from start to middle with character and location development that never quite seems to work at entertaining the reader but does pick up toward the end. 

Making it to the conclusion is rewarded by a gripping ending but the journey to the climax may be more than most readers are ready to go through to find out what happens to the characters.  Checking this book out at the local library may be a better choice than purchasing. 

The Perkin’s Brothers’ Show: Entertaining from the Heart


                                                                                         I have had the great honor of being friends with Jesse (aka Garon) Perkins for, well, a while, and with his brother Colonel (aka Meatloaf) as well. Let’s just say that Ball Holler Kentucky may never be the same. I caught up with my friends and finally saw their variety show, The Perkin’s Family of Stars with Elvis and Meatloaf.  I had a smile on my face the whole time.  I mean what could be better, one stage, one night, and I got to see all my favorites, Elvis, Meatloaf, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Waylon Jennings, Garth Brooks, …. I always knew there was  talent in this family but I never knew how many of them were famous!  Using my friendship to my advantage, I corner Jesse for a brief moment in his busy schedule to tell my readers a little about his show and his troop.

DL: “So Jess, what exactly do you feel is the difference in tribute shows and being considered an impersonator?”

Jesse: “I am an entertainer with a dictionary!”  (Your librarian is proud of you Jesse.) “So I looked up impersonator in the dictionary: im·per·son·a·tor…1.a person who pretends to be another.  2. an actor who impersonates specific persons or types of persons as a form of entertainment.  3. female impersonator.

Since I don’t do drag, number three is out. Hard to just call us number one, because we are THE PERKINS BROTHERS, and named after famous people not really pretending to be them, but to be inspired by or even in the very old since, MARKED by them. 2 might be closer to our act.

There is now a fancy name TRIBUTE ARTISTS. I can accept it but it really is a funny thing that seems to exalt the person doing the impression instead of the Artists being paid tribute to. If you look at the fancy new name it makes the impressionist the “ARTIST”. It is a little hard for me to call this art. Craft? I can really agree with that statement. If there is really any art in what we do it is in the staging and presentation. We have referred to ourselves as a recreation and re-imagining of the original.

DL: “What is it like having your little brother working with you?”

Jesse:  “Little “BIG” brother: It is great to have little brother back singing with me. He missed 8 months work last year and is still recovering from some less than perfect medical care. Colonel had Thyroid Cancer and is now “cured” of that but many complications after the surgery meant he suffered through most of last year.”

DL: “Why do this, what led you to this career?”

Jesse:  “I had an aunt comment to me: ‘we knew you were not going to be a farmer. You were always putting on plays, and singing, even as a little kid.’ I don’t believe it occurred to me that people did anything else but be entertainers. Growing up in Ball Hollow, Ky. the TV was the link to the outside world and most of my “friends” growing up , lived inside that box.”

DL: “Why Elvis?”

Jesse: “I do remember a very life changing moment the first time I ever heard Elvis sing. It was a song called LONG BLACK LIMOUSINE. Very sad song about big dreams and plans and a life lost. What a long road that song started me down. In fact I am still on that road today.”

DL: “How do you define your show?”

Jesse: “Our show is a musical version of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO. We always say we don’t care if you laugh at us, or with us. Just as long as you’re smiling when the show is over then we have done our job. Are we serious about the music, yes. We want the songs right but we know the audience could get perfect songs on a cd. They expect something more from us. Maybe they even expect the unexpected, and we do try to give it to them.”

DL: ” You have a show coming up on April the 16th at Pritchard Community Center. Can you tell us a little about what to expect to see.”

Jesse: “This will be our first all country show. It will also be the first show for us in Elizabethtown, without our characters ELVIS AND MEAT LOAF. So expect us to be a little nervous as we kind of ascend to the high wire this time without a net.”




DL: ” I am sure you will be great.  You have a really loyal following.  Is there something you would like to say about or to your fans?”

Jesse: ” WE DO NOT HAVE FANS, we have friends!  My phone number is published. I am not a “star” in hiding. If you call to do business with us or to chat, you get me. My email is public. I answer emails personally. Yes, it takes time but it is worth it to me.

DL: ” Okay, for those that want to know….how old are you and are you single?”

Jesse: “Age is all about attitude. Jack Benny was famous for being 39, including on his 80th and last birthday. It kept him young at heart and his audience entertained. So until the day I leave this world I will be “39” and I hope the audience will smile , a sly, coy, knowing grin, every time they hear it.   I overheard someone that asked Colonel how old he was the other day and he replied: “Let’s, see, I am the younger brother, so if Jesse is “39” I must be “38”! ” (what a great line, I wish I had written it, and in memory of Milton Berle, I am claiming I did.)”  (For all you wondering still, Jesse is taken!)

DL: ” So where do you go from here.?”

Jesse: “Continue to do the same thing for a long, long, time. I play the lottery. If I ever hit the jackpot for millions, I would buy more costumes, more music equipment, and maybe a better vehicle to travel the world. Other than that, I would not expect much to change. Now if they sold TIME, then I would spend every dime I had because time is the one thing we are all short on. LOL I really do love what I do and I don’t want it to end, but for every entertainer there comes that last curtain call. It even happened to another of my heroes, George Burns, but he kept on performing until the end, and we kept smiling. ”

DL: “Thanks Jess, I hope for you only the best.  ….till we meet again….”Thanks for the memories” and “Goodnight.”


The Perkin’s Family Show will be appearing at the Pritchard Community Center on April 16 at 7 p.m. in Elizabethtown, Ky. on HWY 62 just off the 31w bypass. 

 Tickets may be reserved  in advance or purchased at the door the night of the show.  Don’t miss this chance for a chance for fun with the whole family!  All ages welcome and stay and meet with artists after the show.  The Perkin’s brothers are booking now! 

Review: These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf

                                                                Allison is the “golden girl” of her high school but when a tragedy happens, it is Allison that goes to prison.  Brynn her sister is left behind to face the scorn of the town.

When Allison is released to a halfway house, she knows she must see her sister and try so set things right.  She must hurry because the life of a small boy could be at stake.  But Brynn wants nothing more than to forget all about the past and Allison.  The secret that these two sisters hold could change the lives of many people if it became known.  So as the boy’s life hangs in danger, the two sisters, the boy’s adoptive mother, and a woman trying to save them all, will come together to uncover secrets of the past. 

This is a book of family expectations gone wrong.  It leaves the reader to question the pressure that is put on teens to succeed at being perfect.  What price does a young girl have to pay for her past?  The mystery that surrounds these characters will keep you guessing throughout the book.  Gudenkauf’s prose keep the suspense building right to the very end.  I highly recommend this novel for teens and up.  It carries a harsh lesson for all ages. 

Review: The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch, Lee Chadeayne (Translator)

This is one case where you should never go by the title.  The novel should have been titled The Hangman’s Son.  The history of the storyline is very interesting and contains within it a sub-story of its own that I would one day like to see the author develop.  The history of the “hangman” is mostly attached to witch trials and the “beheadings” of the past but the writer takes the reader deeper into the feelings of the hangman and what it means for himself and his family. 

The story is rich with mystery and suspense but lacks richness in the character of Magdelena, the hangman’s daughter.  The focus is primarily put on the Hangman and the young physician that aids him in seeking the killer of two young children before the fear of witchcraft takes over the village.  The contrast and conflict between the generations is as strong antagonist in this story as well as the storyline of the murders. 

I was absolutely enlightened at the personal struggle of the hangmen and the ridicules that they faced in our history.  Many of the Hollywood portrayals have been way off course.  This novel is a good read and filled with enlightening moments where young learn from the elders and the elders learn from the youth.  Some violence, but right in-line with the story, should be good for teens and adults.  Enjoy!

A Mouse Story

3 a.m. and I feel myself being awakened by the rolling and thumping of a small little chihuahua in the middle of my back. I reach behind me as I ask “Mouse  “what the #$%@& is your problem?” and discover that she is uncovered and cold.  I pull up the covers and I turn over to go back to sleep.  I feel a small cuddling in the middle of my back and I could have sworn I heard a sigh of contentment.  I lay there. I lay there and begin to hear…..what’s that….snoring! That little creature behind me is sleeping away as I lay awake scowling.  I have been played.  The moral of this story, we are the trained ones, not our pets.