Review: Wrecker by Summer Wood

Being called an eccentric myself (more than a few times), having opened my door to several two footed and four-footed souls over the years, and been adopted myself, I so relate to this story.  Wrecker is a child at the mercy of world that holds no place for him.  When his mother is sent to prison, his future lays in the hands of an uncle that has no room in his life for another needy person.  Having a wife with special needs leaves Wrecker’s uncle no choice but to seek other arrangements for Wrecker’s raising. But Wrecker seems to have wedged his way into the lives, if not he hearts, of the eccentric neighbors.  With them, he is just another person with a past better left in the past.  Raising Wrecker will not be easy but if love can overcome all, the Wrecker may have a chance.


This story gives a whole new meaning to ‘a village raising a child’ ideology.  It takes a look at the real meaning of motherhood and the definition of the family bond.  This is one of the most thought-provoking books that I have read lately.  What makes a family?  Does our past define who we are as an adult? 

I love fiction.  A good story is the mark of great writers such as Faulkner and Steinbeck.  I am constantly seeking that author that holds me into a storyline without all the blood, gore and sex that we find most often today in mainstream literature.  With that said, I will be looking for more great novels from Summer Wood.

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