Review: These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf

                                                                Allison is the “golden girl” of her high school but when a tragedy happens, it is Allison that goes to prison.  Brynn her sister is left behind to face the scorn of the town.

When Allison is released to a halfway house, she knows she must see her sister and try so set things right.  She must hurry because the life of a small boy could be at stake.  But Brynn wants nothing more than to forget all about the past and Allison.  The secret that these two sisters hold could change the lives of many people if it became known.  So as the boy’s life hangs in danger, the two sisters, the boy’s adoptive mother, and a woman trying to save them all, will come together to uncover secrets of the past. 

This is a book of family expectations gone wrong.  It leaves the reader to question the pressure that is put on teens to succeed at being perfect.  What price does a young girl have to pay for her past?  The mystery that surrounds these characters will keep you guessing throughout the book.  Gudenkauf’s prose keep the suspense building right to the very end.  I highly recommend this novel for teens and up.  It carries a harsh lesson for all ages. 

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