How to Date a Werewolf by Rose Pressey

I love reading a book that has me laughing and yet keeps me in suspense.  I got that and more in Rose Pressey’s new story.  Rose’s prose are fresh with humor, and yet a seriousness in her words, that she uses to bond us with her characters.  It make me think of Charlaine Harris’  Sookie Stackhouse novels meet Christopher Moore’s novels.

When I read Pressey’s first novel, “Me and My Ghoulfriends,” I actually thought, “this is going to be strange” and it was!  Such a good strange.  I was hooked and I have awaited, not so patiently, for this new novel from the author.  I have not been let down and I now have to wait for the next books in the series, “How to Date a Vampire” and “How to Date a Demon.”

I met Rose Pressey when I asked her to speak at the Written Word Writers’ Group which I coordinated.  I found her to have a great open personality as well as being a down to earth writer that cares about her readers and other writers.  Her book is as just as amazing as the writer.

The heroine of “How to Date a Werewolf ” is a werewolf and has a problem with hairy hands and keeping a boyfriend.  As the owner of Got a Mate Dating Service, Rylie helps lonely lycanthropic find their own soulmate but Rylie’s luck in this area has been less than grand.  Rylies is sure that a family curse is the whole problem but what is she going to do about the “drool-worthy” Jack Chandler that has just breezed into her life.  Maybe this time the curse won’t work, maybe.

A not so satisfied customer want revenge for a “match” gone bad.  Strange notes start to appear and things are starting to get really scary when the after-dark crowd gets involved.  Will Jack just think she is some kind of crazy or will he be the answer to her prayers? Will Rylie finally lift the curse and find a soulmate or with this curse be the end of her.

Now the best part…..don’t rush out to buy the book. (It’s ok Rose don’t panic.)  Surf right over to Smashwords or Amazon and download the eBook for only $1.99!!!  Now is that a bargain?  This may be one of the best deals you will get this year, with the cost of gas.  Just don’t read too fast or you will be sitting and waiting like me for the next story….hurry Rose, your fans await.

Rose Pressey - author