The Legends of Country Music Show

A better time was never had than last night at the Pritchard Community Center.

A lineup of country music stars took the stage and gave Elizabethtown a taste of country music history.  The performers at the “sold out” LEGENDS OF COUNTRY MUSIC SHOW were….

Johnie Pierce, Kaiser Bill, Joseph Williams as Conway Twitty, Christy Miller as Reba, Rebekah Lynn as Dolly, Ray Glenn as Kenny Rogers, Jim Cardwell as Marty Robbins, and Betsy Perkins as Patsy Cline.  All were in fine form and voice.

The entertainment was relaxed and the crowd enjoyed interacting with the singers and families enjoyed a night out together.  The artists were only out-shined by the rhinestones on the clothing.  From Patsy Cline, to one of today’s favorites, Trace Adkins, people were treated to the sounds of songs like “Crazy” to “Swing Batter Batter.”  If you have missed this sold out show, there will be many other opportunities to see this wonderful family friendly show. Contact the Perkin’s Brothers at  Shows sell out quickly.

…..and last but not least, the Perkins Brothers….

…..and the show goes on……