Review: City Of Champions by Daniel Stanton

“Grabbing someone by the hair just above the back of the neck and slamming their face into the trunk of a car is a strangely pleasant feeling. “
Daniel Stanton. City of Champions (Kindle Locations 41-42). Daniel Stanton. (e-book)

With a great first line like that, I was hooked.  I have always heard about the power of the first line and I have seen examples, but I had yet to experience it myself, till now.    From the very beginning, Stanton starts his story strong and takes it full throttle till the end.  The fore-shadowing throughout the action keeps the reader entertained and filled with suspense.  Descriptions of characters and scenes flow easily throughout the well written dialogue.

I have got to say, I may be a little bias, the lead character happens to drive a Dodge Charger and my first car was 1974 Dodge Charger with a 440.  (It was a car driven by Richard Petty.) Ah, the good old days, sorry I drifted there for a moment.  Stanton’s characters will stay with you after finishing the last page and leaving you wanting more.  I have got to say that it is refreshing to see a lead character (Morgan Cole) actually not always be likable.  There are no free rides in this story. Crime does not pay for the criminal as well as the hero.  By the conclusion a reader may find that this is a story without a true hero.  I like that.  Things do not work out perfectly but what does in real live and I find that this made me like this book all the more.

The care and interesting style that Stanton takes with his depiction of secondary characters and sub-cultures such as WD, Sully and Doc makes the reader eager to read the next book.  Don’t expect any wishy washy detective novel.  This is a hard driving, realistic look at crime and one man’s  punishment of those that harmed his family.  Join Cole Morgan as he searches out and brings to justice, his justice, the men responsible for the death of his brother and his sister-in-law.  Great book, right up there with Patterson and Cornwell.