The Sons of the Great Satan by Anthony Roberts

This story will give the average reader a different perspective on living in Iran, 1976, when an empire began to crumble.  Steeped with cultural situations and politics, the story plays out through two youth, an American, Joey, and a native of the land, Farhad Zadeh.  In a world filled with of chaos and rebel activity, these teens will have to deal with coming of age in a land that is ancient in traditional beliefs and filled with violence.

Robert’s work is a historical fiction novel but the timing is as perfect as if it were yesterday or maybe today.  Seeing the cruelty of a world through the eyes of these youth gives the reader an inside look to the cultural differences the world continues to struggle to understand even in today’s world.  This is a hard-driving, no-nonsense look at life in Iran during this politically changing time.  It is an eye-opening novel for this reader.  It does contain violence and sexual situations but it also portrays the realistic side of life in these countries in an open and honest voice.  Good read.  Would be a good discussion book for a book group due to all the sociological and psychological situations and how they interplay in the culture and the choices that were made to survive this time.

Roberts states that, “The paths of Iran and America have been intricately bound by blood and violence for many decades. What happened between these two nations continues to reverberate today.”  The Sons of the Great Satan is based on the author’s impressions living in Iran prior to the Islamic revolution.

Sons Of The Great Satan

Ebook By Anthony Roberts