True Heart by Frank Altobelli

Meet Mouse, but don’t under-estimate her.  She is a small, dark-haired Volsung girl with a bow and arrow and she knows how to use it.  This little girl it full of strength and courage.  She is a heroine that readers will not soon forget.

As her love for a young man, Brandt grows, Mouse must find a way to get him to see her as wife material but life intervenes.  Brandt and Mouse meet three odd characters while out hunting in the Holberth Forest and Mouse’s courage will be tested to the limit as she decides to be their escort across the mountains to the Seamly Court. But the home of the Fae is on a path leads through the cursed city of Kadem and the heart of dreaded Az-Aziel’s forest realm.

“‘True Heart’ is the story of a young woman learning that her worth is not found in a man’s superficial judgment of beauty, but in courage and character.” (Frank Altobelli)  Reminiscent of Tolkien’s works, Altobelli weaves a story of a magical land and creative characters.  All the characters were well-developed and scene descriptions were wonderfully vivid.  Although, I found that it took me a while to read the story, every minute was worth it to get every rich detail.

A wonderful story for young adult and adults too.