Review: Miranda’s Story by Colette Caple

Caple’s story is a smart and catchy story of two women.  One, a single woman trying to make the interpersonal relationship of a long distance romance work for her and while the other, a wife and mother with typical family problems, questions what she wants from life.  Their world is about to get much more complicated for both women by a man that wants one of the women for himself.

Miranda’s Story is a story about the courage and commitment to stay the course in relationships and in personal growth.  The plot brings the reader into an environment where everything seems safe but just around the corner lurks danger.

An entertaining read and exceptional dialogue make this a good book for that day in the sun relaxing.  Being a quick read however, it will leave you waiting for the author’s next book.

Ebook By Colette Caple: This story compares the lives of two women:Miranda who is attractive, independent, work driven and Annie, the dependable friend who is married with children. What will make them both contented, and what will either of them trade in love to be like the other?