Review: Breakfast Anytime by Christopher M. Thompson

I am not one to read a lot of current poetry.  Mostly because I have so many books to complete and I like to take my time with poetry, but I am a lover of Dylan Thomas.  Sometimes, however, I run across poetry that stirs my heart and mind and I enjoy a nice cup of coffee and lose myself in the rhythm of the lines.  Thompson’s prose have done just that.

The poetry of Breakfast Anytime is emotional and dark at moments.  Just my kind of writing.  I could sit and describe all the styles used and comment on the exact meanings of each verse but I feel each reader must take his.her own view of each work of poetry.  The one thing I look for in poetry is did it touch me in some way? Yes, this collection of works has done just that.

Thompson’s, The Masks, is my true favorite.  Don’t miss this wonderful experience.  Read Breakfast Anytime, no don’t read it, experience it.

Excerpt: “My true face you do not see, But rather a mask of the person in me……
One to show courage when I am full of fear, One to show love when anger is near.   One to show belief when I fear for the worst, One to show happiness when I feel my heart burst.   Yes, these are my masks, in three sets of two, Arranged like pictures on the sides of a cube.   No matter how they are gazed at, no matter how viewed, My true face will always be hidden from you.”
Christopher Thompson. Breakfast Anytime (Family-Friendly Edition) (Kindle Locations 257-259).