Review: Gerald and the Wee People by Greta Burroughs

In a clearing, in the dark woods, is a secret society of wee people and Gerald, with his friend Vernon, has just stumbled into a wee war.  With wonderful imagery and imagination, Burroughs takes her readers into a magical world filled with terror, adventure and an unsuspecting hero.

Gerald and the Wee People is a book that brings the impossible to life and takes the reader right along with it into a battle that may mean death for the wee people.   Without the help of Gerald, who doesn’t even know how to help, and his best friend Vernon, all may be lost.  With an “Alice in Wonderland” feel, Gerald is shrank down to wee size and is at the mercy of the attacking misshapen ones along with Sheela, Cian and Sean.  Can Gerald save himself and his new friends or will they all cease to be.

This is a great story of courage, faith and friendship for any age.  Young adults and more mature juveniles ( some violence) will enjoy the action and adventure that Burrough’s characters bring to the reader.  A pleasurable read and very talented writing make this book a winner.  Makes me want to go look for the magic in my own back yard.


Circle of the Fae