The Liberation of Crystal Hill by Kevin Gibson

Written in a child-like voice of eleven year old Adam White, Kevin Gibson takes the reader into the very heart of a of a little boy’s fears.  The liberation of the town is only a backdrop to the interpersonal conflicts in the family life of young Adam. This coming-of-age story is complex and well written.

From a town haunted by a cursed ghost, Mayor Crystal, to the corrupt ion of the current residents, this story will take you on a ride into the supernatural that you will enjoy both for the interesting interweaving storylines and the deep and well-developed characters.

The writing is easy to read and understand and I feel this would be a great book for the young adult crowd.  However, it will stand just as strong as a good adult read too.  I only have one drawback; I feel the cover of the book is not as appealing as it could be.  The back especially needs work.  I think a more professional look would get more attention.  Books are often, regretfully, judged by their cover.